Autodraw by Google AI Experiments

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 1.24.13 PM.png

Oh, “if only I could draw,” you say.  Well thanks to a little help with Google and its AI Experiments division, now you can… sorta.

Autodraw is a AI drawing web app that deciphers and interprets your drawings.  Then provides professional drawings that Autodraws thinks you want, and that you can quickly transform pick to replace your markings.

Like predictive texts, but with drawings.  Below is something I roughed out…


Cre8’ed on Autodraw

Scribble something quickly, and the AI systems kicks in.  It’s algorithms provide guesses as to what you draw, and displays those “guesses” above the active canvas.  You can scroll to pick the various options, if Autodraw guesses correctly that is.

The first iteration of this was Quickdraw, where the AI system would predict, but just spouted out guesses vocally while you drew. Now with Autodraw, the next step brings you actual drawings to augment your masterpiece.

Portrait attempt with Autodraw

The limits it has are limited to how it recongizes your markings in the canvas and from the still limited provided drawings that are installed within the web apps databases.
In addition to that, the app itself is limiting in terms of options.  For example, currently, you can not erase markings.

These shortcomings does not diminish the amazing things the app can do.  Taking non discernible lines, and making something out of sometimes nothing.  Amazing!

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