Unity3D buying Weta Digital?

Another game engine creation platform is going Hollywood. On the tails of Unreal Engine’s inroads into hollywood production with the likes of Disney’s Madalorian, Unity Technologies has made the move to purchase Weta Digital outright. Unity3D has been the poster child of indie game development with the advent of smart phone gaming. The company’s rootsContinue reading “Unity3D buying Weta Digital?”

Artstation gets bought out by Epic Games

TLDR; Epic’s new acquisition of Artstation will promote artist’s education for the rest of the year, and boosting digital creators revenues at a new rate of 12% on commissions.  ArtStation has been a premier Gaming and Entertainment art portfolio site for a number of years. It came about in 2015 Artstation is a major webContinue reading “Artstation gets bought out by Epic Games”

Does California AB 5 affect art Contractors and Freelancers in the Visual Arts?

California law makers are tackling the labor of the gig economy by reclassifying all contractors as employee’s, unless they pass a 3-point test …with exemptions.

Autodraw by Google AI Experiments

Oh, “if only I could draw,” you say.  Well thanks to a little help with Google and its AI Experiments division, now you can… sorta. Autodraw is a AI drawing web app that deciphers and interprets your drawings.  Then provides professional drawings that Autodraws thinks you want, and that you can quickly transform pick toContinue reading “Autodraw by Google AI Experiments”

Game Developer Conference (GDC)

What is GDC? Game Developers Conference (GDC) is held every year in San Francisco (February 27 — March 3, 2017; Monday – Friday) for five days of sessions, tutorials, bootcamps, and roundtable discussions for industry developers and to the public. GDC is the one of the largest professionals-only industry event dedicated to the creation of games, including computer, console, mobile, tablet,Continue reading “Game Developer Conference (GDC)”

Snapchat’s “Spectacles” now available online

Snap’s “Spectacles” is paving the way for even more connectivity to your audiences with direct voyeurism. Originally created in July 2011 by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown as “Picaboo”. Snap is now announced its intentions for IPO release in 2017, and projected to raise 3 billion dollars. Priced at $129, “Spectacles” is looking toContinue reading “Snapchat’s “Spectacles” now available online”